Greetings to our family and friends from the Borcherts.  It’s been a year of memory-making as life transitions pace our life – graduations, weddings, and wonderful times spent with many of you.  Match the captions to the photos as we catapult through this hectic year:

(Here is the link to the collage for 2002)

 January: Dave and Pat travel California late in December, and Karen and Jutta fly with Jane on January 1 to settle Jane into a condo in San Diego for January and February.

 February:  The family goes north for a quick trip to find snow.

 March: Let’s see what Tom and Katharina are up to during their senior year.

 April: Spring break trip to New York.  We rented an apartment in midtown Manhatten complete with a very furry cat, we walked the city many times, and generally soaked up the chaos and the character of the city’s streets and neighborhoods, its  museums and parks.

·         Karen, at the John Lennon memorial in Central Park across from the Dakota on the Upper West Side.  … and hopefully “the world will live as one”.

May: We accompanied Karen’s Destination Imagination team to Knoxville Tennessee. What fun to keep working with this great bunch of kids for so many years!

June:  Jutta graduates from Hopkins High, and Tom graduates from CalTech in Computer Science (officially, Engineering and Applied Science). Say good-bye to California, Tom.

 July :Fourth of July, and a week later, niece Kimberly weds in Door County, Wisconsin.

August:  We kick off a month of wedding related events with a trip to Boston, Elizabeth’s home town.

September:  The big event is finally here – Mike and Elizabeth wed.

 October:  A few glimpses of life at the Borchert’s.

November: Pat spends time “with the girls” and Dave spends time with one of our new relatives – Elizabeth’s father, Rich

 December:  Concerts and dinners, time spent with friends and family.  Memories yet to be created and captured.

 Our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season goes out to all our friends and family – as we all get older, our relationships with each and every one of you becomes more precious. 

Peace and Love,