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1996-97 Odyssey of the Mind Teams

High School Team

The High School team selected a problem called "OMerdroid"

The Team's problem was to create and present a humorous performance that included a team-made OMerdroid (android) that had physical features. The OMerdroid, designed, built, and operated by the team, had to perform human actions during the performance. The time limit for this problem was 8 minutes, and materials used could not exceed a $100 (U.S.) value.

The team's style synopsis:

 Deceit, betrayal, treachery, the love of a mysterious woman. It was an innocent town, a lazy summer afternoon. Little did they know that one among them was a devious criminal mastermind. Is it the new piano player, who's been snooping around, or is the sheriff just playing dumb? Could it be the lovely Josephine? One so pure, or is she? Maybe it's the out of luck gold prospector, who always seems to have a gold nugget with him even though he hasn't gotten a lucky strike in years. Perhaps Tex, the no-good cowboy is behind it all, pulling the strings from the shadows. Who knows? It could be the Saucer People, aided by the CIA and those guys at NASA who staged the moon landing. Or maybe it's the mysterious stranger who drifted into town last night. You'll just have to wait and see.

Elementary School Team

The elementary team also chose the Omerdroid problem.

Their style paragraph read as follows:

 Imagine a place where toys come to life... Where pretend comes to Real... And Action figures are able to move their limbs in a full array of direction... If somehow this world would meet with ours; terror would be inflicted accross the land... In this skit you will experience what it is like for a small girl to enter this mysterious world; Toy World... With Karen as herself, Nick as Karen's doll, Erik as one of Karen's Legos, BENKH (android) as the Chief Toy, and Brett and Hans behind the scenes operating the android and the sign, this performance will be truly spectacular.


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