Captions for 2000

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Captions for 2000
Pictures for 2000

While on a yellow-brick road trip from Big Sur to visit a computer wizard in Pasadena, a threesome of travelers are waylaid in a field of poppies in Golden Gate Park (March 2000)

The two lost members of William Powell’s 1869 Grand Canyon expedition finally emerge onto the south rim. (Karen and friend Leslie, October, 2000)

The two members of the family that always stayed behind and house-sat. (Spooky and Streaky)

An American tourist clumsily practices his hand gestures to better blend into Italian life (25th wedding anniversary trip to Lake Como, the Dolomites, and the Grand Canal).

This is a large cold-blooded visitor from the Jurassic, who left behind over 80 eggs in our wood chip pile in the driveway (June 2000).

Sir Michael Edwin Borchert is granted his new title from Lord Lemuel Pew. The Grail has not yet been found, but the fun is in the quest.

Vacation history repeats itself. This is an almost identical picture to one sent with our Christmas letter in 1988. The picture includes "the jewel of the Big Horns" and 4 family members. The backpacking trip included a climb to the top of Cloud Peak. (August, 1999)

Fourth of July picnic in Scandia. The Borchert clan sits in the shade of the giant Cottonwood digesting brats and contemplates a hike down to the river. (July, 1999)

Our team of creative problem solvers poses with their Minnesota mascot snowmen, at the Odyssey of the Mind world finals in Knoxville Tennessee. Ask Karen about the mountain of mashed potatoes and melon heads to get the full story. (May 1999)

A member of the gardening crew sizes up 5 yards of landscaping wood chips in preparation for a morning’s work at Grandpa Sand’s house in Hopkins. (Tom, August, 2000)

As the goalie in her favorite sport, Karen makes a leaping game-saving stop and lands in a perfect photo pose.

A seasonal commuter waits for one of his thrice-annual flights from MSP to LAX.

Door County, land of cherries, hills, Great Lakes lighthouses, and Cherry Hills (Karen and friend Sutina, July, 1999).

It may not look like it, but that’s a pneumatic roller coaster for tennis balls – wait, in the skit it’s actually an accent-stealing machine to steal authentic western accents for a British film producer (Destination Imagination Global Finals, Iowa May, 2000)

Is that a big black Darth Vader boot, or a walking cast resulting from too much rough-housing while waiting in line for Star Wars tickets in May of 1999?

Hiking the extensive trail system along the high ridges above the North Shore has become a passion – fall, winter, or summer.

The girls’ trip (Karen and Mom) was a train trip to the land of many miniature golf courses and water parks. As commanded, they rode the ducks. (July, 1999).

While Mom studied for prelims, Dad and Karen took a trip of their own to the home of Dave’s brother. Packed into one long weekend were several great museums, a White Sox game, windy walks along the lake, and an introduction to the recycled furniture business. (Karen with Bill and Cheng, August, 2000)

Green, white and black sand beaches, snorkeling, boogie boarding, star gazing from Mauna Kea, volcanoes, molten lava at our feet, botanical gardens, waterfalls, hiking across fresh lava fields on top of roads and homes. (Christmas, 1999).


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