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Creative Problem Solving has been a large part of our family's extracurricular activities for many years.  Here is the list of problems our kids have been involved in (all coached by us, except Karen's teams before 1996) (and maybe someday we will get info on all the teams on our site....) (note also that through 1998-1999, these were part of Odyssey of the Mind (OM).  After that, they are part of Destination Imagination (DI) :

1989-1990:  Mike and Tom - Seven Wonders of the World

1990-1991:  Mike - Buggy Lite;   Tom - Give and Go (tennis balls)

1991-1992:  Mike - Transformation;  Tom - Hybrid Relays

1992-1993:  Mike - Delayed Reaction;  Tom - Dinosaurs

1993-1994:  Mike - OM Believable Music;  Tom - MiniTerrainVehicles

1994-1995:  Mike and Tom - Mail Must Go Through;  Karen - Vaudeville

1995-1996:  Mike and Tom - Amusin' Cruisin';  Karen - Great Impressions

1996-1997:  Mike and Tom - OmerDroid; Karen - OmerDroid

1997-1998:  Tom - Pageant Wagon;  Karen - Morph Magic

1998-1999:  Karen - Over the Mountain (OM) - see Karen's web pages

1999-2000:  Karen - Fruit Roller Coaster (DI) - see Karen's web pages

2000-2001:  Karen - Incredible TechEffects (DI) - see Karen's web pages