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Greetings to our families and friends !!!!

It’s hard to believe two years have flown by since we last wrote. Pat’s flexibility in her schedule led to a flurry of excursions and activities during the summers and breaks from school, coupled with intense work when school was in session. Rather than try to tell you all our stories over the last two years, we have enclosed a collage of pictures that represent many of the things that have kept us busy. The captions on the back of this sheet are in random order, so have fun figuring out which pictures they match !!!!!

Dave’s life probably changed the least in 1999 and 2000. He still works from home on a variety of applications, with many inexplicably linked to cows– both for specific clients and a general herd management package, CowSense. Now that Pat is home more during the day, he can no longer hide the benefits of working from home, such as staying in your bathrobe until 2 pm, or playing with the cats whenever he feels like procrastinating.

Pat finished her coursework and exams for her Ph.D. in Business Administration, and now will be concentrating on the strategy and management of startup companies. "All" she has left to do is her dissertation. She enjoys keeping in touch with all the entrepreneurs that started spinoffs from the last two companies she was with, plus her extra involvement in Karen’s activities and life at the University.

Mike will graduate in June, with a B.A. in Physics from Carleton. He enjoyed his years there, helping organize a residential Science Fiction House, fencing, and playing medieval music. He spent one summer working on research at Carleton, and the next summer helping Dave write software to produce astronomy images from a computer camera. He has not yet decided what he will do after he graduates – he is considering options such as graduate school in materials engineering, being a physics consultant for a computer game company, or opening an interactive gaming coffeehouse. The world is a broad place, with lots of options.

Tom has settled into life at Caltech. He specializes in graphics computing, happy to be done with his required core courses in math and science so that he can concentrate on computer science (and Japanese). He is generally absorbed in Blacker House activities, including building boats for a party (complete with a flooded courtyard) and succumbing to the allure of shaving his head. He plays inter-house sports, helping his house win this year’s soccer league, and learning how to high jump for Blacker’s entry in track and field.

Karen, a ninth grader at North Jr. High, enjoys Odyssey of the Mind /Destination Imagination as much as her brothers did (and luckily Dave and Pat still like to coach). She keeps busy with a great balance of activities such as yearbook, soccer, babysitting, choir, homework, working at a nearby daycare, and chatting with her friends on the phone and over the internet. One of the highlights of last summer was learning how to rock-climb on a YMCA camp canoe trip, and is looking forward to returning to the BWCA for a 2-week trip in 2001.

Our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season goes out to all our friends and family – as we all get older, our relationships with each and every one of you becomes more precious.

Peace and Love,

The Borcherts

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